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Among the most aggravating bugs to deal with is fleas. They are small and swift, making it simpler for them to get into and out of your home. Hence makes it tough to control flea infestation. Hence Mick’s Pest Control offers various flea control services. For the finest flea control services, call our Flea Control Sydney experts at 02 4018 7435.

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Flea Infestation Risks

Fleas, in general, do not pose a threat to people. Their bite, on the other hand, can cause severe irritation, which when not addressed, can lead to illness. Furthermore, they are extremely detrimental to persons who suffer from Asthma. Since fleas have been shown to aggravate respiratory disorders. However, your pets will experience a severe allergic response, which will cause continual scratching and annoyance.

Our End Of Lease Pest Services :

Hire Mick’s Pest Control to Make Your Place Flea-free

Fleas are a nightmare for your pets. Their bite can cause itching and allergens to your pet, especially dogs. So, if you have a flea infestation at your place, then do not look further and hire the best pest control company in Sydney – Mick’s Pest Control. We have a highly expert team that uses the best and safe solution to treat fleas. Besides, our team of flea control Sydney can remove small to big flea infestation from your place.

Fleas mostly enter your place from outside with your pets when they go around or for a walk. Our team will thoroughly inspect your place to identify the extent of flea infestation and will use solutions accordingly. We will go to the root of the problem and will plan the best flea treatment. Besides, our flea pest control Sydney team has mastered the art of removing fleas perfectly. Also, we are available to offer our total care flea control service on the same day of booking and in an emergency as well. To book our exceptional service, call us today on 02 4018 7435.

We are Available to Remove All Kinds of Fleas And Our Prices are Affordable

Do you know there are various types of flea species that are found in Australia? Different types of fleas have different kinds of characteristics. So, we are here to explain to you the type of flea species present on your property. Also, our flea exterminator team is an expert in removing all types of fleas in Syndey including:

  • Dog Flea : Dog fleas are mostly found in Sydney. They are well known for attacking mammals. Besides, they bite domestic dogs and cats. So, if you have been noticing your dog scratching its body continuously then there might be a flea infestation in your home. Our team of flea controllers will be there to solve the problem by following the best dog flea treatments.
  • Cat Fleas : Cat fleas are also similar to dog fleas. These fleas are also one of the most common types of species that attack the pets in Syndey. We have the proper knowledge and use the most effective and safe cat flea treatments to give you the best outcomes. Also, our team is available to provide emergency cat flea control services in Sydney.
  • Bird Mites : These types of mites are usually found where there is bird infestation. The size of these species is 1mm and they have 8 legs. Besides, they are yellow and different from other fleas. Also, one of the interesting facts about these fleas is that their body colour changes to red or black once they feed on birds’ blood.

Get Permanent Flea Control Solution Instead of Temporary And Low-Quality Work

We always aim to give our clients cost-effective and permanent flea control solutions. Also, our team of professionals holds proper training to follow effective steps to give you the desired results. The first thing our team will do after reaching your place is inspect. We will identify the source of fleas and the damages they caused. Afterwards, we plan the treatment according to the size of the infestation.

Our treatment involves flea fumigation or spraying for fleas. Depending on the extent of the infestation, we apply either chemical treatment or non-chemical testament. Moreover, the insecticides we use will thoroughly kill the fleas, larvae, pupae, and their eggs. Once we are done with the treatment, our experts will give you some best advice for ongoing prevention which helps in keeping the flea away from your home and your pets.

Are In Search Of A Reliable Flea Control Service? Mick’s Pest Control is The Perfect Option

We are a well-reputed pest control company in Sydney. Also, we are trusted by numerous clients for all their flea control needs. Our service has helped many people in getting rid of fleas. Some best reasons to choose us are:

  • We give the best and most accurate quote.
  • Our flea fumigation cost is reasonable.
  • Our service is available round the clock.
  • We have a highly licensed and experienced flea controllers team.
  • We are Sydney-based and local flea exterminators.
  • High quality and friendly service.
  • The insecticides we use are pet-friendly and eco-friendly.

We Render Our Flea Control Services Anywhere in Sydney Also in Nearby Locations

Our wide range of flea control services is available all over Sydney. Besides, our team also works in nearby locations such as Bella Vista, The Rocks, Ropes Crossing, Rooty Hill, Cremorne Point, and so on. So, if you live in any other place which is close to Syndey, then we are ready to serve you. Our local flea controllers team will be there at your doorstep on a very similar day of booking. We always take pride in serving quick and affordable flea control services in Sydney and its nearby places.

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I always find fleas on my dog. Do I need to get a pest control treatment?

Fleas are any pet’s worst enemy. They are present in the grass, and plants but they can also infest your house. Our professionals are trained in controlling all your pest problems. They will inspect, look for hotspots and breeding grounds and take necessary action. Importantly, in most cases, getting fumigation done gets rid of all the fleas hiding inside your house. This not only kills fleas hiding in cracks, furniture, and beds but it also kills their eggs which prevent them from hatching. Call our customer care now and book an appointment for all your flea control services in Sydney.

What should I do before and after a flea control treatment is done?

The most important thing you need to do is keep your kids and pets away for a couple of hours after the treatment is done. Though our pesticides and pest control solutions are eco-friendly. But it can be a health hazard if they come in contact with these pesticides. Importantly, store your food items, and groceries somewhere safe. They should not come in contact with our sprays used in the fumigation process. After the process is done, you still see pest activity. Contact our team and they will come for a follow-up treatment.

Is it possible to get rid of fleas on my own?

Several methods on the internet will guide you on how to get rid of fleas. But these techniques are temporary and work only for a short period. Not only can these methods be time-consuming. Importantly, they will cost you a lot. Hence, they are not at all effective for the price you spend on products. Getting a flea control Sydney service will effectively remove all fleas from your property. We work on getting rid of fleas from the bottom, by destroying their hotspots and breeding areas. Our professionals are certified in pest control. Call us now and book a hassle-free flea control treatment now.