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Pest Control Aftercare

Things To Do After A Pest Control Treatment

Do you want to keep your home away from the threat posed by flies, cockroaches, spiders, and rats? If you want, all you have to do is follow some pest control aftercare measures. A pest control treatment at your home or company may be necessary from time to time to control unwanted pests. It is important to realise that pest control aftercare measures must be taken to minimise the danger of pest infestation. 

Some Pest Control Aftercare Measures

Let Pest Treatment Do Its Work: If your pest control service advises you to leave your property for the duration of the treatment, wait until they provide you with the all-clear. This makes sure any substances in the air have evaporated and the procedure has had sufficient time to dry.

Dispose of Any Exposed Food: Even if your service utilises organic pesticides, it is not advisable to consume food that has been exposed to the treatment. If you mistakenly left something out, remove it now. It is always better to be careful than regretful.

Wait a Few Minutes Before Cleaning: For at least a week, avoid deep cleaning. Cleaning up soon away may wash away the insecticides and diminish their effectiveness. Your pest control professional will advise you on the ideal time to clean and which locations to avoid.

Repair The Gaps: As quickly as possible, repair any water leaks around your property. Roaches may be drawn in by the water from these leaks. They are constantly looking for water, shelter, and food. If they come across water, they’ll settle there and begin seeking food in your home.

Remove Other Potential Food Sources: Apart from your kitchen or dining area, avoid eating in other sections of the house. Crumbs and other uncooked food attract not only roaches but also other pests. Roaches can eat books, old newspapers, and grocery bags in addition to human food. If you keep these goods around the house, keep them out of your kitchen and, ideally, in a sealed container to prevent these and other problems.

Personal safety: Refrain from coming into direct touch with freshly sprayed surfaces. When contacting surfaces touched by the roach treatment, put on a pair of disposable masks if necessary. This will help to reduce the hazards of dangerous chemical reactions in the home.

Continuous Inspection: It is common to find dead bugs for a maximum of two weeks following treatment. It is also typical to witness an increase in the number of roaches. This is why your pest control firm sprayed chemicals in their usual hiding areas, rendering them unappealing to the roaches. As a result, because the roaches have already been exposed to pesticides, they will race to find new hiding places and die out. For a few weeks after the treatments, keep a lookout for dead roaches. Following that, the number of roaches you observe should be minimal to none. If you see any, call your firm and have them look into it for you. 

Keep Things Clean: Pests are always on the lookout for shelter, water, and food. Keep the surfaces clean, don’t leave dirty dishes in the basin for days, patch leaky pipes, and implement a regular pest management plan to limit the likelihood of their return.

Get Rid of Any Possible Water Access: Because dying roaches will require water after treatment, you should keep the bathtubs and sinks as free of moisture as possible. Wipe any wet spots to remove additional moisture if necessary. Keeping your home dry will hasten the pest-killing procedure and help you avoid confrontations with them when they’re looking for water.

Keep an eye out for holdouts: Even after placing bait stations and traps, pests can “hold out” in a few places. They may lurk within your walls, under fridges, cabinets, or in other isolated areas of your home. These potential hiding places are referred to as “holdouts.”  If your bug problem continues after the first several weeks of treatment, request a follow-up spraying from the pest control professional. Request that he or she concentrate on prospective holdouts. All spots where cockroaches can hide should be considered holdouts.

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