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Mick’s Pest Control expertise in exact intensification, management and removal of pests in Oran Park. The pest removal services we offer are not only environment-friendly but also safe for your family. Moreover, our Pest Exterminator Oran Park ensures all of our pest control products and services have cleared Australian safety standards. Additionally, our pest treatments can be accessed 24 by 7 throughout the year in Oran Park. So, if you are concerned about flies or rodents inside your home, call us for pest extermination at 02 4018 7435 today.

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Pre- Purchase Pest Inspections In Oran Park & Nearby Places

The signs of pest infestations and major damage are not always seen by the naked eye. Hence, it is essential to get pest inspections done before buying any new property. So, if you are going to hire one of the pest control companies in Oran Park or nearby places, we suggest you call us before signing the contract. We at Mick’s Pest Control can reach on the same day even in nearby areas. Our pre-purchase Pest Control Oran Park covers inspection of – voids, basements, under the deck area and other crawl spaces. Additionally, roofs, yards and walls undergo inspection too.

Experienced Pest Control

Pests can be found anywhere even in Oran Park homes. If you are also facing pest problems and want to get emergency pest control, call our Pest Control Experts. They are fast service providers and can be your next affordable Pest Exterminator Oran Park.

Monthly Pest Control Services

Mick’s Pest Control is one of the best pest control companies. We can truly understand the pest issues and provide Monthly Pest Treatments to really give comfort to our customers. So, you can live peacefully in a pest free home that is absolutely safe. Get to us for our excellent Pest Exterminator Oran Park.

Pest Control Services We Run In Oran Park

Our Pest Management Company has protected several homes and businesses from pest attacks. So, hire Pest Exterminator Oran Park for business and home protection from pesky pests.

Rodent control services

Rodent Removal Services

We provide effective and timely rodent control services in Oran Park with digital monitoring. Moreover, all of our rodent control equipment is environment-friendly and safe.

Flea control services

Flea Control Services

Our company is known in Oran Park for flea removal service. We have greatly invested in our flea control tools and solutions. So, feel free to choose our Pest Exterminator Oran Park today!

Woodworm treatments

Woodworm Treatments

Our woodworm pest treatments are done throughout Oran Park. Furthermore, you can call us for the most reliable and fast woodworm pest extermination services in your area.

Wasp pest control

Wasp Pest Control

Need wasp pest control in Oran Park? Our company is one spot solution for wasps treatments. Moreover, our local pest controllers perform human-friendly wasp removals only.

Mosquito pest control

Mosquito Pest Control

Are mosquitoes disturbing our sleeping patterns? If yes, you must call us today for a reliable Mosquito Pest Removal service. We are also present 24/7 in Oran Park.

Cockroach removal services

Cockroach Removal Services

Are you noticing an increase in the cockroach population in your kitchen? If yes, you can call Pest Exterminator Oran Park today. We serve cockroach removal services in all areas of Oran Park.

Moth pest control

Moth Pest Control

Moths are a nuisance that needs to be removed as soon as possible. If you have any moth infestation, call us for a moth pest inspection today!

Tick extermination services

Tick Extermination Services

No more tick damage now. We are locally present in Oran Park and serve best of all tick extermination in the area. So, whenever you look for a tick removal service, do hire Pest Exterminator Oran Park.

Spider removal services

Spider Removal Services

Book our spider removal service today! Our Pest Exterminator Oran Park offers safe and effective spider removals in Oran Park. Moreover, we provide in-budget plans for every customer we serve with the best pest control solutions.

Silverfish control services

Silverfish Control Services

Having silverfish pest infestations in your basement? No need to worry. Our silverfish controllers have the best pest control methods in Oran Park. Moreover, we also offer an emergency silverfish service.

Flying pest control

Fly Pest Control

Protect your homes from flying pests with our fly pest extermination. Moreover, once you hire us, you get served with great professionalism.

Commercial Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control

Have you seen a few mice running in your commercial property? Or do you have cockroaches in kitchen cabinets? If yes, you must call us for commercial pest control today!

Residential Pest Control

Residential Pest Control

Call us for your residential pest control requirements in Oran Park. We have suitable baits, traps and pest control solutions to get rid of pests easily.

Bee Pest Control services

Bee Pest Control

Are you noticing buzzing noises in your home? There is a possibility of bees nesting on your property. You must call us for effective bee inspection and bee pest extermination today!

Hire Our Real Estate Pest Controllers in Oran Park

We are the number one choice for pest identification, management and removal options in Oran Park. You can also call our Pest Exterminator Oran Park for timely inspections, pest barriers, baits, traps and other pest-related problems; when working for buying or selling property in Oran Park. Moreover, there is no task too complex for our team when you need our Real Estate Pest Controllers in a rental house. You can also call us for a free estimate for the service before starting with any task. Additionally, you get to know all the processes and steps before you opt for any Pest Exterminator Oran Park.

Advantages Of Choosing Mick’s Pest Control

  • Professional Service: Our Oran Park pest control team is licensed and works professionally.
  • 365-day Service: We work without taking breaks in providing pest control treatments in Oran Park. Additionally, our local pest controllers work 24 x 7 throughout the year.
  • Same Day Treatment: We are your timely and same day pest controllers in Oran Park. So, you are free to reach us for emergency pest management.
  • Nature- Friendly Pest Control: Our pest management services are done in a natural manner. Furthermore, we follow Australian standards in doing services.
  • Affordable Pricing: You can also appoint us for the most budget-friendly pest control prices in Oran Park. Not only are we affordable but are honest too when you need pest inspection or pest extermination services.
Advantages Of Choosing Micks Pest Control


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I control rodents at home?
    It is quite difficult to manage rodents at home. This is because there are many points that need to be taken care of while doing rodent extermination. Use of reliable baits, liquids and ducts as well as a thorough inspection of buildings is necessary.
  • How much time is required for a pest control service in Oran Park?
    Our Oran Park’s pest control services depend on the structure and size of the location. Basically, it takes 2 to 3 hours to clean 1 bedroom and hall. Whereas, if your home or pest infestation is large, the approximate time can be 5 to 6 hours.
  • What are common signs of roaches?
    Signs of roaches will only appear when the cockroach infestation is well formed in your place. You may notice the small eggs. Moreover, musty smell around the kitchen and droppings are other common visible signs of roaches.

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    What Do We Like About Oran Park?

    Oran Park is a beautiful suburb located in the Inner West region of Sydney, Australia. It is known for its vibrant culture, amazing food, and stunning views. Oran Park has a rich history and has been home to some of Australia’s most famous landmarks, such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

    Case Study

    Leo appointed us for silverfish removal treatment on Monday. Our pest controllers arrived on time and finished cleaning the basement in 1 hour. Moreover, Leo was really impressed with the affordable prices and praised us.


    Prompt Services

    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    1 May 2023

    Mick’s Pest Control came to my rescue when I discovered a dangerous wasp nest in my garden. They arrived the same day and removed the nest securely. The technician was pleasant and trained, and he even sprayed the area to keep additional nests from forming. I strongly suggest them for any pest control requirements.

    D. Wellalage

    Friendly Services

    Rated 4.0 out of 5
    27 April 2023

    I had a rodent infestation in my attic and contacted this pest control company. The guy arrived on time, was professional, and swiftly resolved the issue. He set traps and secured access sites, and the rodents vanished in a matter of days. I would definitely use their services again!

    B. Lister

    Great job

    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    20 March 2023

    The company did a great job. The technicians located the pests in the house. They were quick and professional at removing the pest from the house. They also provide all the needed resources to control pests.

    C. Bowes