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How To Get Rid Of Millipedes Naturally?

How To Get Rid Of Millipedes Naturally?

Millipedes are common household pests that can cause damage to plants, and even invade homes. These long, many-legged creatures are harmless to humans but can be a nuisance to have around. In this blog post, we will discuss how to get rid of millipedes naturally without the use of harsh chemicals. Read on to know in detail about how to get rid of millipedes naturally.

How To Get Rid Of Millipedes Naturally

Ways To Get Rid Of Millipedes

Identify The Problem

The first step in getting rid of millipedes is to identify the source of the problem. These pests are attracted to damp, dark environments, so it is important to eliminate any areas of moisture in your home. This may include fixing leaks, using dehumidifiers, and ensuring proper drainage around your home’s foundation.

Natural Deterrents

Next, you can use natural deterrents to keep millipedes away. Essential oils like peppermint, eucalyptus, and citrus are known to repel millipedes, as they dislike the strong scent. You can make a spray by mixing a few drops of essential oil with water in a spray bottle, and then use it to spray around the baseboards and entry points of your home.

Diatomaceous Earth

Another natural solution is to use diatomaceous earth. This is a powder made from the fossilized remains of tiny aquatic organisms, and it is a safe and effective way to kill millipedes. Simply sprinkle the powder around the areas where you have seen millipedes, and it will dry out their exoskeleton, killing them.

Natural Predators

You can also use natural predators such as centipedes, spiders, and ground beetles to control millipede populations. These predators will naturally hunt and eat millipedes, helping to keep their numbers in check.

Clean Environment

Finally, you can also maintain a clean and tidy environment to discourage millipedes from taking up residence. This includes regularly cleaning and vacuuming your home, as well as removing any piles of leaves, mulch, or other organic debris from around your home’s foundation.

In summary, getting rid of millipedes naturally is possible with some basic steps. Identifying the source of the problem, using natural deterrents, and natural predators and maintaining a clean and tidy environment can help to control millipede populations without the use of harsh chemicals. Remember to be patient, as it may take time to see the results, but with persistence and the right approach, you can successfully get rid of millipedes from your home.

How Can Getting Rid Of Millipedes Help You?

Getting rid of millipedes can help you in several ways. First, it can prevent damage to your plants. Millipedes feed on decaying plant material and can cause significant damage to gardens, lawns, and flowerbeds. By eliminating millipedes, you can protect your plants and maintain the beauty of your outdoor spaces.

Second, getting rid of millipedes can reduce the risk of them invading your home. These pests are attracted to damp, dark environments, and can find their way into homes through cracks and crevices. Once inside, they can be difficult to control. By eliminating millipedes outside your home, you can reduce the likelihood of them getting inside.

Third, getting rid of millipedes can improve your overall quality of life. These pests can be unsightly, and their presence can be disconcerting. By eliminating them, you can enjoy a cleaner, more comfortable living environment.

Lastly, using natural methods to get rid of millipedes not only helps you to get rid of pests but also is safe for your family and pets. It also helps in maintaining a healthy environment by avoiding the use of harsh chemicals.

How Can Professionals Help In Getting Rid Of The Millipedes

If you are struggling to get rid of millipedes, a professional pest control service can help. They will have the knowledge, experience, and tools to effectively eliminate millipede infestations.


A professional pest control technician will first conduct an inspection of your home to identify the source of the problem and determine the type of millipedes that are present. They will look for damp and dark areas, and check for cracks and crevices that may be allowing millipedes to enter your home. They may also use specialized equipment to monitor the millipede population and determine the severity of the infestation.


Once the inspection is complete, the technician will develop a treatment plan tailored to your specific situation. This may include using a combination of chemical and non-chemical methods such as using pesticides, sticky traps, or bait stations. They may also recommend changes to your home such as repairing or replacing screens or sealing cracks and crevices around windows and doors to prevent millipedes from entering.


In addition to treating the current infestation, a professional pest control service will also provide ongoing monitoring and maintenance to ensure that the problem does not reoccur. They may also provide recommendations on how to prevent future infestations such as proper drainage around your home’s foundation, and maintaining a clean and tidy environment.

Where To Hire Professionals?

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