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Eww! What Are These Moths Doing Inside My Pantry?

Eww! What Are These Moths Doing Inside My Pantry?

If you are working in your kitchen then it is your responsibility to maintain proper hygiene but unfortunately, you sometimes fail to maintain this hygiene which is the main reason for the growth of pantry moths at these places which is a severe infestation as they act fast and breed rapidly. Ultimately they bring the serious risk of contamination of food because small moths fly everywhere in your kitchens and put their larva in food containers. 

You may feel like, Eww! What Are These Moths Doing Inside My Pantry? We have come up with various details on this. Read the blog carefully and know everything. 

Moth Removal Services

Pantry Moth Identification

Generally, there are 4 types of pantry moths and the most common type which is regularly found in your kitchen is Brown House Moth or Indian Meal Moth and White Shouldered House Moth. They are small tan, brown or grey-winged insects, 8-10 mm long and 16-20 mm wide. They are generally referred to as scavengers who eat flour, potatoes, grains, organic debris, etc. When pantry moths are there in your kitchen, you should handle this issue with proper care because if you ignore them they will infect and destroy everything present in your kitchen. 

Are They Harmful?

Pantry moths are very dangerous for your kitchen cabinets as once they are attacked they become a nuisance and become very harmful to your grains and all the stored food items. Although there are no such cases of sting or bite, you should always take some protective measures while dealing with them because they may cause serious health risks by contaminating your food. With this, you may have got some clarity about Eww! What Are These Moths Doing Inside My Pantry?

Preventive Measures For Pantry Moths

As we all know that pantry moths are of a very destructive nature and their rapidly increasing presence causes a serious risk of contamination of food. Thus, if you do not keep an eye on this then it will put an overall end to kitchen hygiene. So, here are some of the preventive measures suggested that you can use to get rid of moths:

  1. Always check your pantry: If you find even a single sign of pantry moths then you should be very careful and regularly check your kitchen and remove expired products and products which you had not used for a longer period of time.
  1. Remove all the foods infested by pantry moths: When some of the foodstuffs already get infested by pantry moths then remove them immediately as they increase the infestation. This disposal should be done outside the home.
  1. Clean your pantry at regular intervals: For cleaning your pantry, vacuum all the cupboards including all the cracks, crevices and corners. Wash out all the shelves and cabinets with the help of disinfectants.
  1. Use of pesticides: Residual pesticides may come in many forms but sprays are the most effective form. These are the natural form of pesticides and so you can prevent your kitchen from pantry moths as well as save your family from moths using these chemicals.
  1. Setup traps: You can use traps to catch and kill the pantry moths and get rid of pantry moths forever.
  1. Checking of stored foods: If you identify some signs of pantry moths then it is your responsibility to check each and every food container present in your kitchen to prevent high risks.
  1. Clean your containers: When you know that there are pantry moths then rinse all the containers, disinfect and then wash them on a hot setting in your dishwasher.
  1. Use of shelf liners: Always use paper-based shelf liners and replace them with new ones from time to time. If they are made of plastic, they should be washed and scrubbed properly with soapy water.
  1. Replace non-infested food: Dispose of all the infested food and replace them with new ones and put them in airtight, sealed containers.
  1.  Hire professionals: If all the efforts failed then it is the last and best option to hire professionals who clear them completely.

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