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Why Rodents In Australia Are Tricky To Deal With Alone 

Why Rodents In Australia Are Tricky To Deal With Alone 

Rodents are pesky pests that are commonly seen in every Australian household and are responsible for several life-threatening diseases. Since they feed on almost anything, they find any spot a suitable place to live and breed. Moreover, they spread their numbers really fast, infesting your entire home. On top of that, rodents have the habit of coming back to their former infested spot again and again even after you use the DIY baits and traps. That is why rodents in Australia are tricky to deal with alone. Through this write-up, we will give you an insight into the reasons that make rodent control treatment so tough and suggest ways to deal with the infestation effectively.

Rodent Control Treatment

Top reasons why rodents in Australia are tricky to deal with alone?

Rodents are adaptable in nature. That means they can adjust themselves in any type of situation. Moreover, they find everything that they need in your home which is why rodents in Australia are tricky to deal with alone. You might set traps or use rodenticides on your own. But it has negative consequences. No matter how many times you set traps and release them from your home, they will return again. Moreover, in case of heavy infestation, chances are that you won’t be able to eliminate all the rodents at once. The baby rodents will grow up again and the infestation will take back to its original shape. On the other hand, if you use rodenticides in an inappropriate way it can harm your pets. Also, if the rodents die in hidden spots, including the attic, basement, under the floorboards, etc., removing the carcass becomes very difficult.

Types of rodents

There are mostly three types of rodents seen in Australia, they are:

● The brown rate

● The black rate

● The House Mouse

Rats Vs Mice: Which species is more difficult to deal with?

The simplest and shortest answer is the rats! Since rats are larger in size they are more difficult to trap. Also, unlike mice, you can’t lure the rats with cheese. They are more attracted to plant-based foods. Rats are even suspicious in nature. So when you plan for a trap and set it in the infested spot, they sense it as something new and avoid it for the longest time possible. Also, mice can repeat the same mistake and fall for the same trap. However, rats are different, they do not only learn from their mistakes from others in their community. That means, if a trap almost kills a rat and it somehow escapes it, the chances for it or others within its community to fall for it again are less.

There is one more challenge that homeowners mostly face, and that is identification! Rats and mice require different extermination approaches. In the tiny stage, both mice and rats can share similar features. Unless you identify whether your home is infested by rats or mice, you can’t figure out the appropriate extermination process. As mentioned earlier rodents tend to multiply really fast, and if you fail to find a solution to banish them from your premises in the early phase of infestation, it will be too late. In short, handling the infestation at home without any expert guidance will be of no good. Rather both your money and time will be wasted.

Why is removing rodents from your property so important?

Unless you take immediate steps to abolish rodents from your home, your whole family could be at risk. Rodents spread life-threatening diseases such as hantavirus, salmonella, Tularemia, etc through food contamination. In fact, rats can cause rat-bite fever. In addition to that, rodents are liable for irreparable structural damage. They can chew up electrical wires, increasing the possibility of short circuits. They can even destroy important documents and pricey wooden pieces with their sharp pointed teeth. So removing these destructive and disease-carrying pests is extremely important.

What’s the best way to deal with rodents?

Now that you know why rodents in Australia are tricky to deal with alone you might be wondering how to deal with them, right? Well, the easiest way is to bestow the responsibility on the professionals. Professional rodent exterminators have years of experience and know all possible ways to eliminate them from your property while ensuring long-term results. From setting the right trap to using the best bait, they know it all! Even if they are using chemicals or rodenticides they apply them with the utmost care, assuring the safety of your kids as well as your pets. On top of everything, experts employ preventive barriers to halt their future invasions. In fact, professionals even help dispose of the carcass as a part of their offered services.


We hope that you have no more doubt about why rodents in Australia are tricky to deal with alone. Rodents can really annoy you not just with their destructive and disease-carrying nature but also with their terrible odour and droppings. So you must seek immediate assistance from experts after sensing their presence inside your premises.

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